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Use Picup to upload photos from an iPhone

You'll need an Apple App Store account. Make sure you have one before attempting to download and install any apps to your iPhone.

Download the app (it's free):
1. On your iPhone, tap on the App Store.
2. Tap on Search.
3. Enter "picup" (without the quotes).
4. Scroll through the list of search returns and tap on Picup. It should be listed first.
5. Tap on the app on your iPhone screen. This will take you to the Picup app where you can read the app's description, see screen shots, and read reviews.
6. Tap on "INSTALL". You'll be required to enter your Apple App Store email address and password. 7. Picup will automatically download to your iPhone.

To upload a photo:
1. Open Safari on your iPhone.
2. Enter the URL of your phpFox site.
3. Log in if necessary.
4. Tap on the Photos icon.
5. Tap on the + icon in the top-right of the screen.
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on "Choose Photo."
7. You should receive the pop up message, "Open this page in 'Picup'"? Tap "Open".
8. Tap on "Camera" if you want to take a photo to upload. Tap on "Photo Library" if you want to upload a photo from your phone that you've already taken.
9. Take/Choose a photo then tap, "Use". (Or tap "Retake" if you want to retake the photo.)
10. On the next screen tap "Upload Files". It should take less than a minute for your photo to upload, depending on your photo settings.
11. Safari on your iPhone should then take you back to your Photos page on your phpFox site where your photo will have been uploaded!