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Claim a Page (Fan Page)

See this blog for description.

We have a Claim a Page feature for the Fan Pages/Groups. This will allow your members to claim a page that is their property but submitted by someone else.

To activate this, first you need to set up the admin that will resolve the dispute.

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Pages

Set the following to an admin of your choice:

Admin in Charge of Page Claims

Once this is done, your members will have the option to Claim a Page:


After someone claims a page, the person you selected as the Admin in Charge of Page Claims will receive a pm regarding the claim.

In order to resolve the claim, go to:

AdminCP >> Modules >> Pages >> Manage Claims

There they will see the list of claims to manage. To the left of the claim, they can click to Grant or Deny the claim. If granted, the Page/Group will be automatically moved to the person who it was granted to. It will then appear as that person's page/group on the site.

Also note that you can set permissions per user group for whether members can claim a page.

AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups and to the left of the group to change, select Manage User Settings.

Find Pages in the left column, click it and on the right find:

Can members of this user group contact the site to claim a page?