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Purchase with Activity Points

See this blog for description.

In order to allow your members to purchase activity points, gift activity points or purchase with activity points, you need to set the settings.

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> User

Show Activity Points on Dashboard set to True because the link to purchase the points appears here when the Activity Points (next to Account Info) link is clicked.

Purchase Activity Points set to True to allow members to purchase points

Purchasing with Activity Points set to True to enable this option if you would like to allow users to be able to purchase items using their activity points.

Activity Points Conversion Rate Define how much an activity point is worth for each available currency.

Now you need to set it per user group.

AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups and click to the left of the group you want to be able to purchase with points and select Manage User Settings.

Find User in the left column and click it to get to the User settings.

Find at the bottom of the list Can purchase with activity points? and set it to True.

To allow members to Gift activity points this is set in the user group settings:

AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups

Click to the left of the user group to edit and Manage User Settings

Find Core on the left and click it. At the bottom of the list on the right find:

Can members of this user group gift activity points?

How it works:

When the member clicks to purchase something and then clicks to pay, they will be offered the choice to pay with activity points.

Gifting Points:

How users purchase points

On templates other than nebula:


and on Nebula as it does not show the points, they would need to go here: and get one of those free add ons to add the points back to the template so your users can purchase points.