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How to reset all members custom css for profiles

If you want to reset all the custom css for your members profiles you have to clear the data in two locations.

Before you start, you will want to BACKUP YOUR FILES AND DATABASE!!!

After backing up...

Step 1: go into your database and open the table phpfox_user_css_code

You can safely delete ALL the rows in this table. MAKE SURE YOU ARE DELETING THE ROWS AND NOT THE STRUCTURE (so make sure you are in browse and not structure)

Step 2: go to your file manager/ftp/whichever and open the file/css folder.

Delete ALL the css files in here, MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR INDEX.HTML file.

Finally, clear your site's cache and all should be nice and clean.


If you find yourself needing to delete the css codes for one member, you will need to find that member's row in the database table and delete that row. Then you will need to open the file/css folder and delete all the css files in there, leaving the index.html file.

The file/css is a "cache" of sorts. When a profile that has custom css is visited, an autogenerated file name is created if one doesn't already exist. You won't lose any custom css except the one you are trying to lose, because it will pull the data from the database to create the new cached file.