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Steps for Creating Custom Groups & Fields (V.3.3)

Before creating a Custom Group, you need to be sure you have set your user group settings to allow them to use Custom Fields.

Admin CP > Users > Add Custom Group

Product: Core
Module: Custom
Location: User Profile
User Group: Basic, Singles, etc (select from whatever user groups you have set up)
Group: enter the label you want for this set of profile details, e.g. Habits

Click Submit. Now the Custom Group should be created and the top of the page should display a message “Custom Group successfully added”

Next, go to Users > Add Custom Field

Product: Core
Group: Habits (or whatever the name of the group you created above)
User Group: Do not select anything for this tutorial
Location: Main Section or Basic Details
Required: Yes or No
Include on Registration: Yes or No
Type: Choose from the available types, e.g. Radio
Name: Name of this set of options, e.g. Washing dishes
Options: Enter the radio button options, e.g. Yes, No, Sometimes, I use plastic plates

You should get a message on the top of the page that says “Field successfully added”

Now, go to User > Manage Custom Fields

You should see the new Custom Fields Group created in Step 1 and it should show which User Group its associated with in parenthesis like this Habits(Singles)

You should now test it out. Go to Users > and log-in as one of your test users who has been assigned to the Singles user group, per the example above, or whatever custom user group you have. Once your logged on as this test user, go to Edit Profile and you should see the new Custom Group and the Custom Field you created. You can also check to make sure these do not appear for other User Groups by simply logging on to your other test accounts.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the new Input feature which hopefully will make this a much less confusing process. Hope this write-up helps someone out there.