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How to Enable Friend Suggestions

In order to enable the Friend Suggestion feature go to:

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Friend

Look for the setting:

Friend Suggestions

Set it to true to enable the feature to show suggested friends for the member.

From the AdminCP description:

This feature requires a lot of extra server resources in order to perform such a search.
Each search result is cached for X minutes (where you can control X).
Notice: This feature is experimental and is not stable.

You might also want to configure it:

Friends Suggestion Friends Check Count set a value in here to find friend suggestions for your members. It will pull out X amount of users, where X is the numerical value of how many friends to search.

Refresh Friend Suggestions set this value to define how long to wait till we run the search to find friends to suggest to a member in minutes.

Check Location for Friend Suggestions Enable this option in order for us to pick up friend suggestions for your members based on the Country, State/Province and City they live in.