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How to Remove Members from a Page/Group

We have the option now, with V3, to remove members from a Page/Group. To do this we need to be logged in front end to our user account.

Go to the Group/Page that you want to manage the members for.

On the left you will see a block: Members (for a Group) or Likes (for a Page)

In the Likes box you see #(number of likes) People Like this

Click the People Like This

Now you will see a popup listing the people that have liked this page. To remove one or more, click the "x" to the right of their user name.

If this is for a Group you will see a Members (#) block with a listing of the members and an amount of members.

Click the Members (#) link and a popup will come up with a list of members and an "x" to the right of each member name.

Click the "x" to remove any members you don't want.