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Spam Fighting Tip 1

We all have seen spammers on our sites. There are many ways to combat spam. Here is one that I use on my sites.

1. Set up a new user group that will have normal access to your site. If you have subscriptions, then set this group to be what you want them to be able to access as a free member. We will be using this as our standard group.

2. Set the default Registered group to not be able to post anything on the site except a forum thread and give 5 or so points per post as we will be using the promotion system.

A. Note that on one of my sites, I have the forum posts also set to be on approval. In this way, if the post is spam it won't be seen.

3. Set up a promotion to move the member from Registered into your user group you set up in step 1 when they have 15 or 20 points for example. We are making it so that they have to post a few threads in order to move up. If we see they are trying to post a spam thread, we know to ban this member instead of letting them move up.

This has deterred a lot of spam from my sites because spammers prefer blogs over forum threads.

You can set a welcome email or announcement for the new members so they know to post in the forum in order to gain access to the features of the site. You could also post a thread with instructions. Anything you choose so you let the new members know how they gain access to your site.