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Translate user group names

These steps can be used to easily change the names of user groups.

For this example, we'll use the Administrator group.

1) Navigate to AdminCP -> Extensions -> Language -> Add Phrase

2) Fill out the Phrase Form - the fields should be filled out similarly:

Product: Core
Module: core
Varname: admin_user_group
Text: YourTextHere

3) Click submit. You will see a new set of fields appear above the Phrase Form. Copy the contents of the HTML field. If following along with this article, it will look like this:
{phrase var='core.admin_user_group'}

4) Navigate to AdminCP -> Users -> Manage User Groups

5) Click on the drop-down icon next to "Administrator" and select "Edit User Group"

6) Replace the text "Administrator" from the field "Name", with the HTML code copied in step 3.

7) Click submit to save the change

The user group "Administrator" will now show as "YourTextHere".