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How to Copy a Block from Within AdminCP

Ok let's say you want to show your featured members on a page other than the default Member (user.browse) page. You can do this within the AdminCP by copying the original block user::featured.

Have two browser tabs open for Admin.

In one tab go to AdminCP >> CMS >> Blocks >> Manage blocks and click on the user.browse controller near the bottom of the list to bring up the blocks for that page.

Click to the left of the user::featured block and select Edit.


In the other tab go to AdminCP >> CMS >> Blocks >> Add New block

Copy what you see in the first tab for the featured user block for most things.

For the Type select PHP Block file.

Controller will be core.index-member if you want this block on the member dash page or select where you want this.

Submit this when done to save it.