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How to Add Ad Placements for Front End User Ads

If you want your members to be able to purchase ads, you need to enable it in the user group settings and you need to create ad placements.

To enable it in the user group settings go to:

AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups and click to the left of the user group to manage and select Manage User Settings



Ensure to click to Save it.

Also ensure that you set up your payment gateway .

After that you need to set up some ad placements so go to Modules >> Ad Placement.

** If you are using Nebula template then you cannot use the ad block positions 6, 9, 10 as those are not made to receive ads and will make a large header that blocks part of your site.


First you might want to know some standard ad sizes

So we are on the edit page. For your ad title you might want to put it to be the description of the ad size and location. Please see the screen shot for example settings.

You can select CPM or PPC for the ad type also.


Once done, the ad placement will appear front end for the user to select when they want to advertise on your site and they pay you upfront for the ad.