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How to enable share on Facebook , Twitter.

In order to use the feature "Share this on", twitter or Facebook, you need it by going to:

AdminCP -> Setting -> System Setting -> Manage Setting -> Share.

Then, configure the following settings:

For Twitter:

Consumer Key = Enter your Twitter consumer key.
Consumer Secret = Enter your Twitter consumer secret.
Twitter Social Sharing => TRUE.

You can get those values by login here:


Then creating your application here:


We recommend the following "callback URL" for the app:


For Facebook:

First, you need to create a Facebook app, just like twitter above.

To create your Facebook Application log into Facebook using your own personal account. Then visit the following page:


And click on "create new app".

Once you have saved your changes Facebook will send you to a page where it will display your Secret and API keys, which are the keys required in this section of the AdminCP:

AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings -> Facebook Connect.

Application ID = Enter the App ID generated above.
Facebook Secret. = Enter the Secret code generated above

Here, if you don't want to enable the Facebook login, simply leave the setting "Enable Facebook Connect" disabled. If you want to use the Facebook login, this article could be very useful for you.

Then, as well as we did with the twitter connect, go to:

AdminCP -> Setting -> System Setting -> Manage Setting -> Share.

And set the following setting:

Facebook Social Sharing => TRUE

Click on submit button and it's done.