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Dynamic Photos and Show Albums or Photos in Gallery in V3.5

We have a nice new feature for V3.5 with Dynamic Photos.


This setting changes a few aspects related to the photo section:

- It hides the user and album name of a photo until you place the cursor over that photo
- The thumbnails for the photos are bigger
- When placing the mouse over a thumbnail you can like the photo with one click.
- The Pager in the photo section is a bigger button allowing the visitor to simply load more photos.

Here is a before shot:

and now after:

To set this:

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Photo and scroll down till you see:

Dynamic View set this to true.

We also have a setting to show Albums or Photos in the Main Gallery. This is also found in the photo settings screen.

Scroll down til you see:

In Main Photo Section Show set to Photo or Album

Screen shot of the settings