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Enable Days to Expire and Days to Notify of Expiring Listings for Marketplace V3.5

Our V3.5 has a new feature to add Expiration dates for Marketplace listings and to enable notifications of expiring listings.

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Marketplace and find:

Days to Expire


If you want marketplace listings to expire you can enter the number of days here.

If you enter 0 days listings will not expire.

Set this to be how many days you want listings to be active.

Days to Notify Expiring Listing

When you allow listings to expire you can also set a notification to be sent automatically to the owner of the listing, you can define here how many days in advanced to notify them.

If you set this to 0 no email will be sent to the owner.
[/end quote]

Again, set this one how you want it so the member gets a notice before the listing expires.

market expire.png

Also you can set per user group a setting that allows the listings to still show after expiring. This is helpful if you have subscriptions or for admins and you don't want an expiration for the listings.

AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups and click to the left of the user group to change. Select to Manage User settings.

On the left now click on Marketplace and on the right you will then see all of the settings for this user group for Marketplace. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and find:

If you have enabled listings to expire this setting can still display them for this specific user group. This is intended for site administrators. Set how you want it for this user group.