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Hide Members from User Browse and Search V3.5

We have a few new settings to further control how members can search for other members and how members appear in the member browse page. These are both controlled per user group in the user group settings for User.

AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups and find the group you want to enable this setting for. Click to the left of the user group and select Manage User Settings.

Find the User settings.

To enable the feature to hide members that set themselves as invisible from also showing in the member browse page enable this setting:

If enabled, members of this user group will be able hide themselves from the Browse section when they enable "Invisible Mode" from Profile -> Privacy Settings

**Note that this setting also requires you to allow the member to become invisible which is also in the User settings:

Can select to be invisible?

You can also set per user group the setting to allow to search by Zip code.

Should members of this user group search other users in the site by Zip code?.
(This setting does not affect the AdminCP)

Sorry about the bar showing in the image below but it happens when the screen is too long.
browse perms.png