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Managing Blocks V3

Here we will show you how to manage your blocks on your site for phpFox V3.

First you need to know where the block is that you want to manage.

In order to find this we will go look at what we have available in the manage block screen.

AdminCP >> CMS >> Blocks >> Manage Blocks and you see the following:


Let's say we want to move the Shoutbox which is found on the Member Home page. This page's controller is called core.index-member so we will click that and see on the right all of the blocks listed.


If we want to move the shoutbox up, we will click the selector to the left of the shoutbox block and drag it up.


Below is the shot of it after we moved it up.


To disable a block, click the Green dot to make it red.

To Edit a block and set which user groups can see it or if it's drag and drop click to the left of the block name and select Edit. (you can also delete the block as you can see).

Now you can set the user groups that have access to this block and do other things in this edit screen as shown: