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Site Tip for Set Up - Multiple Admins

We have seen issues of clients accidentally locking themselves out of their admin accounts or deleting them entirely by accident. This tip deals with an important step, making another admin account in order to keep from having issues if your main admin is locked out of the site.

1. Sign up to your site as a registered user.

2. Log in as the admin account so you can change the user group for that user.

3. Follow this tutorial, to change the user to the admin user group.

Another good idea is to either user the Staff user group for a secondary admin account that would be able to log in and fix any bad changes you might accidentally make to your main admin user group (such as accidentally setting "Can Stay Logged in to the site" to False which would cause the user group to never be able to stay logged in at all).

If you need the Staff user group for moderators, etc, you could make yourself another admin user group (with a different name) by following this tutorial for creating a user group, . that tutorial tells you how to manage the user group settings.

Pay attention to the settings for:


For this group, you might also want to hide areas of the AdminCP in case you are giving access to other sort of staff members or maybe developers, etc.