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How to fix blank page when uploading/updating user's profile photo when rackspace cdn is configured

I encountered a problem described here :
To summarize, with Rackspace CDN enabled , when I get a blank page when updating/uploading new profile photo via
To resolve this issue (at least for me ) follow these steps :

0. Make sure that you have entered your rackspace CDN info correctly.
1. Change your CDN Service from Rackspace to S3 . You don't need to configure other S3 parameters. You don't even need to have S3 account .
2. Try to upload a new profile photo . It should fail , of course.
3. Change your CDN service back to Rackspace .
4. Retry uploading a new profile photo.
5. It should work this time Smile

I hope this helps out people who've encountered this problem.
Cheers !