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Comments in the Feed - Settings

This article will explain a little about comments and comments in the feed so you know of how to use the settings. There are two videos for this so the written part will not contain much information.

This first video shows status share comments and the group duplicate feeds or not depending on what you want to show in the feed:

This second video shows comments in the feed and group duplicates for comments:

A brief explanation of some of what you see for settings:


a. Set Thread Display to false to not have it display as a threaded feed where people can respond to specific comments.
b. if you want them to reply to specific comments put threaded at true and then:
1b. set Total Comments in Activity Feed high to see a lot of comments on the item without a view more thingy. Set low to have fewer seen with the view more thingy.
2b. Total Amount of Comments To Load set this also how you want it.
3b. Total Child Comments same thing as above. This controls how many levels the reply can go. Test it to see what I mean. comment >> reply to that >> reply to the reply, etc.
4b. Total Nested Comments another setting to play with in regards to how many of these nested comments you want showing up.
c. Comments as feeds you set in Feed settings because this is adding the comment as a separate feed item and not as a comment contained only on the thing being commented on.

With all of these settings, we allow control to the webmaster in order to lessen the load on a site. More comments, more load.