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How to enabled the enabled Support

This feature is for upload videos without FFMPEG or Mencoder, because the does the video conversion and storage the video using a CDN service.

Therfore, you need also an account at any of these CDN services: is a simple yet powerful solution for delivering video to all devices and platform, where this feature is enabled the video will be stored on secure, redundant cloud storage for virtually unlimited scalability and file size support.

All video content is cached and delivered from a distributed network of edge servers on your choice of the Akamai or Amazon CloudFront CDN networks for best-in-class video delivery across the globe.

More information about this feature here.

In order to enabled this feature in phpfox just go to:
AdminCP -> Setting -> System Setting -> Manage Setting -> Video

And search for the settings:
Enable Support (set it to true) User Key API key

In order to get the user and API keys you will need to sign up here.