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How to Set Up the Anti Spam Questions

V3.5 has a feature to have anti spam questions for your site to help prevent against spammer sign ups. Here we will tell you how to set it up.

First, you will need to set up some questions.

AdminCP >> Modules >> User >> Anti Spam Question

** If you don't see this option then you can enable it yourself by following these steps
Extensions >> Manage Modules and find at the top User and click to Edit it:

Put the settings like the image. note that it is user.spam in case you can't make out the image well.

Now after you see it in the menu if you did not before, you will add your questions with an image if you want.

Note that you can use language phrases for your questions if you have multiple languages for your site.

Once you have the questions you want, then when people sign up they will have one question to answer. If you want them to have to answer all questions, you set that in:

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> User

Spam Check Requires All Questions

Should you decide you don't want any anti spam questions after you have set them up, you can just go delete all of the questions you made and this will disable the questions.

Video tutorial (by ericmart)