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How to Change All Users from One Group to Another - Intermediate Tutorial

This tutorial requires you to have knowledge of using phpmyadmin to run an SQL query.

Backup your database before doing this. We suggest you try this on your development site first.

This is from our AdminCP User guide written for V2 but I have tested it on my V3.5 site just to be sure it works properly.

Note the x=new user group and the y= current user group. Replace those with your user group number which you find by going to your User Group Manager, ( ) clicking on Edit User Group and the ID number is next to the name of the group.

Here is an image of our user group we are moving members out of:
user group number.png

and the one we are moving these members to:
user group change to.png

Run the following query in your phpmyadmin for your database noting to replace the proper things first.

UPDATE `phpfox_user` SET `user_group_id` = x WHERE `user_group_id` = y

our example would be

UPDATE `phpfox_user` SET `user_group_id` = 6 WHERE `user_group_id` = 2

Screen shot of before the move:
before move.png

and after the move. You can see the number of users for those groups has changed.
after group move.png

Be sure to clear your site cache on the server in file/cache but leave index.html.