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Pages and Groups V3

Well in V3 we can have Pages and Groups. We can Like a Page and Join a group in V3.

We Like a page because normally a page would be for a business, famous person, political figure, etc and so we would Like those sorts of things (well some would rather dislike the political figures) .

We Join a group because normally a group is for things like clubs, self help groups, etc where members would like to Join that sort of thing. Members normally Join groups to be a part of the group and participate in group things.

These have different settings allowed for them. For example:

If you make a Group, you can set it to be Invite Only in the permissions and you can't do that with a fan page.

A group has an invitation setting as you get an invitation to join something private that has members. The Fan Page would not involve an invitation because you don't get invited to like a celebrity as you are either a fan or not. You join a local reading group(a friend invites you), you are a fan of the author (he does not invite you to like him as he does not know you).

Also, the Group will show a block to see the members of the Group, whereas, a Fan Page will just show the number of people that like it with a link to click to see who likes it.

group members.png

Fan Page
page likes.png

How to make a group?

Front end go to the Pages menu tab and select to Add a Page once on the main Pages index.

You will see the below if you did not change any categories in AdminCP. Select as shown to make a group.
make a group.png

How to make group categories?

AdminCP >> Modules >> Pages >> Add Category

Just fill in the name for this part and the parent is Group or Community and be sure to select is a group as shown

group cat.png

If you want a totally new group main category that shows in the block selections, don't select a parent category and:

Now go to

AdminCP >> Modules >> Pages >> Add Category

and make some categories for this new category you made and select the new category you made as the parent and be sure to select as the image above shows for is a group.