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Deterring Spammers

I recently re-installed PHPFox v3.3.0(build 1), I just wanted to share my experience in regards to trying to deter our favorite people, spammers. My fix was a bit simple but since it's implementation earlier this morning, I have not received fake registration.
Initially I restricted registrations by email domain but that just did not do it, the spammers would just use another domain in attempts to circumvent the filter.
What I did was change the amount of captcha characters to eight (8). I have not received any more fake registrations since then. I am not sure if the spammers are trying to strengthen their captcha busters but it seems to have quelled the issue for now.
Hope this gives you some type of relief. Good luck. Regards.

Update: To date I have only received one spam account and I am sure that they filled out the form manually. Your welcome Smile

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