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CouchBase Cache - Memcache

Hi Guys,

I though the community might be interested in this.

Over the weekend I started playing with couchbase. Its a noSQL data store. But one of the things it also does is act as a cache server. Providing support for memcache. (to date the tests results have been great, its a very quick & slick product, both community & commercial versions).

The people behind the product are the original developers of memcache and CouchDB. Its opensource under the Apache license.

Using Couchbase really only applies to larger or sites. e.g at least 1. WebServer for phpfox. 1. Couchbase Server and 1. MySql Server.

Couchbase provides many advantages over standard memcached server(s).

Persistent cache
Web Monitoring & Management Console
API & Command line interfaces
Very scalable 100's of cache servers

For details go to: (May 2013)

Install Steps.

Step 1) Download Couch Base (May 2013)

Step 2) Install Couch Base (This is for Unbantu, but they have instructions, for other linux, windows and mac osx. (May 2013)

Step 3) Configure Couch Base (May 2013)

Step 4) Install memcache client on your web server, (the server(s) that phpfox is running on, dont install memcached, we just need the client (PHP API)) (php5-memcache) (May 2013)

Step 5) Follow PHPfox Admin Guide for memcached support.

Step 6) Test Away Happy