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AdminCP Guest Counter for V3.5 and Up

Due to many sites having issues of crashes, , due to the log session table crashing we made a change in order to have better performance on sites and to address the issue.

However, for those of you that want to see the guest count, you can enable the feature as per Raymond's quote :


With this change if you enable the setting "Log Site Activity" it will store information about online guests.
Performance tip: Disable the setting "Log Site Activity".

You will find the setting in AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Server Settings.

Please note that this will increase server load some and can cause log session table crashes and so we really do not recommend having this setting enabled.

There are many great tools for seeing guests on the site. Google has free tools, there is also clicky, for checking on visitors and may other free tools or paid tools for seeing activity on the site and they won't use your server resources to do it.

We suggest to carefully look at the comments in both bug reports from our core developers before enabling this setting.