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3.6 Optimization Settings - Cache (Speed)

***These settings are designed for multiple server configurations with Memcached enabled. Please see this blog for more information, .

Edit by purefan:
Having one machine with apache, memcached and the database in it may pose a performance penalty if not set up properly. These three programs may exhaust the available RAM and start to swap (store information in the hard drive) which is very slow.

This tutorial is for the new Optimizations for better performance. Great tips are found in this tutorial and for the cache recommendations for those that allow a setting in minutes, please check the linked tutorial for suggestions.

Many of the settings are found in the Cache settings:

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Cache

Recently Viewed Refresh : The cache will be refreshed after X minutes. 0 for no cache.

Profile Event Count: Avoids querying for count in event.callback getTotalItemCount (called when going to a profile).

Shoutbox Content via AJAX : Load shoutbox content after the site has loaded via AJAX.

Defer Profile Images Load profile images after the site has loaded. *It is important to set this at true if you use dynamic photos

Featured Users : This caches the list of featured users.

Profile/Dashboard Design: Stops querying the table user_dashboard, which is used to store information about the block positioning on a users profiles or dashboard.

Activity Feed AJAX: Activity feed loads after the site loads via AJAX.

Load Comments via AJAX:Enable to load comments via AJAX when viewing items.

Refresh Profile Visitor List: How long before the same user is added to the list again. Minutes, 0 for no cache.

Cache Upcoming Events (Hours): Cache the upcoming event in hours.

Defer Photos:Load photos from the Photo module after the site has loaded. *If you use dynamic photos you need to set this to true.

Mutual Friends List:Minutes, 0 = no cache. Caches the list of mutual friends with specific users.

Cache Users SQL INNER JOINS: Cache users INNER JOINS to stop querying the database for user details.

Profile Tracking: This cache removes the track from profiles. It goes against privacy and is very difficult to circumvent efficiently.

Activity Feed Entries Cache: Cache each specific feed entry. Saves on queries to the database.

Keep Non Square Images: By default we create 2 thumbnails for each image. One keeps the original aspect ratio and the other is a fixed square image. With our current themes we only use the fixed square images. The original aspect ratio images are not really needed and disabling this feature is advised.

Friends List: Minutes. 0 = no cache. Block is friend.small in the profiles, defaults to the left column. It is also called from the timeline block in the friend module.

Cache Recent Logins: Cache the users that have recently logged in. Setting is in minutes.

Load sections via AJAX: You can define an array of controllers that will be loaded after the site has been loaded via AJAX.

Disable Last Time Stamp for Users: If enabled we don't store the last time a user visits the site.

Friends Check: Cache if a user is friends with another user. Cleared only when adding or removing a friend.

Global Caching: Global caching setting. Enable to turn on caching system on several areas. Drops database queries.

Friends List (FULL): Cache the users friends list so we don't query the database all the time.

Only Users in Session Table: Only store users in the session table. Keeps bots and guests out from this table.

Online Friends via AJAX: Load the Online Friends only after the site has loaded via AJAX.

Force 404 Check: Enable to force 404 checks on sub-pages that do not exist. This works in selective sections.

User IP Substring in ID Hash: Enable to include a users IP substring in the ID hash. This makes it much harder for users to hijack another users session.