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Friend Lists, Edit Friends

We have a feature to allow for custom friend lists. These custom friend lists allow you to set privacy on some items on the site to be just for friends in the list you have made and added them to.

There are a few ways to find the option.

From the Profile click Friends and you will see a listing of your friends and a button to Edit friends:


The main way is to go to the Friends page of your site.

On that page you will see a button to Create a List. Please see the image below:

Once you click that button you see a popup to create a new list. Just enter the name of this list and hit Submit.

You will then see the list appear as shown in the image above but note that the template is nebula so your template might have the block on the other side.

How to add friends to your list

When in the main Friends index page, you will see to the right of the friend an "X" to delete the friend. Just before that if you hover your mouse, you will see the Edit Lists:


Click the Edit Lists to see a selection of the friend lists you have made. Select one to put this friend in it.

How to Edit a Friend List

Click the friend list you want to edit and you will go to the screen that shows the friends in it and it has some options shown.


Edit Name: Edit the name of this list

Remove from Profile: This will remove the list from your profile.
On a default non timeline profile, the friend list is below the list of friends:

Change Order: You can change the order the friends appear in this list.

Delete List: This will delete the list

How to Move a Friend to a Different List

You can do that with the Edit list button shown above.

At this time, I don't see an easy way to remove a friend from the list other than deleting the list or by moving them to another list.

How are Friend Lists Used

When you want to post private images that we used to allow a password protection on but now the Friend list has replaced that. Simply select Custom for the album privacy and you can then select the friend list that can view the album.

This is also how you can post other private things on the site that only friends in the selected list(s) can see.