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How to Use Private Groups for a Chat Room

Finding creative ways to do something is great as it can save on expenses for add ons.

Here's how you can use the front end Groups to create private chatrooms. This requires the Shoutbox feature to be active (AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Shoutbox)

1. Create a Front End Group, tutorial here and set the privacy to invite only or on approval. Be sure to set all the other privacy settings for how you want them. Pay special attention to this setting:

Can view/post in shoutbox?

2. Since the shoutbox is going to be used for the group chat here, you might want to move it to block 2 or block 4 like this image shows (on Timeline it will extend the full width).

To move the block to block 2 or block 4, go to AdminCP >> CMS >> Manage blocks and look for pages.view and you will see the shoutbox. Click to the left and edit it and change the block position. Be sure to submit your changes.


Now you just need to invite the members if you set it invite only.