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How to Disable Apps

In order to disable the apps, since it's a core product you cannot disable it from the site modules but you can disable it from settings and from the menus.

Go to AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Apps

Set Enable API Support to False.

Now for your user groups:

Go to AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups

For each user group, click Manage User Settings and edit the App settings and set to False the app settings:

disable apps.png

Now you will want to disable the menus from showing.

AdminCP >> CMS >> Menus >> Manage Menus

Click in the actions column for Select Action


Select to edit and you will see the edit for this menu.

Uncheck all the user groups so they won't be able to see this menu and save when done.

Scroll down again in the Manage Menus section and look for your Mobile menus and disable the mobile App menu just like you did for the other App main menu.


Now the apps menus should not appear on the site.