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How to Hide a Menu

V3 tutorial for how to hide a menu.

Perhaps you want to hide a menu just from certain user groups?

Go to AdminCP >> CMS >> Manage Menus

find the menu you want to hide and in the Actions column on the right select Edit


For this tutorial we chose the Quiz menu.

Scroll down until you see the user group list and uncheck any user groups you don't want to be able to see this menu:


That will hide it from specific user groups.

Now, let's say you want to totally hide the menu from the menu list (tabs).

Go to AdminCP >> CMS >> Manage Menus

Find the menu to remove from the menu tabs, again we will pick on Quizzes. To the right of the menu you will see a checkmark meaning this menu is active.

Uncheck that box and be sure to Update

Be sure to clear your cache after!