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Invalid host name error

There are some ways in order to get this error, therefore follow these steps:

1) To check if the license is pointed to the domain name (url of your site)

In order to check the license just go to: -> Sites and give a click to the Edit drop down menu:


In the "website URL" setup the URL of your site, for example:

Finally, save the changes and refresh the browser, if the issue persists go to the Step #2

2) To Check the function “curl_exec” is not disabled in the server. Use a phpinfo to check in the “disabled functions” section. Example:


If this function is disabled, the phpfox software can not validate the license, the solutions is to enable it in the server, if the issue persist go to the step #3.

3) Look for the library file:


For phpfox version 2.x: Around the lines 507, 508
For phpfox version 3.x, around the lines 558, 559.

Search for the lines:

// Run the exec
$sData curl_exec($hCurl); 

To add the following lines after them:

It will give you the curl error code, with it you can search it here:

4) Using nginx server:

Check the server using a phpinfo file and confirm it’s a nginx server.

When you go to and if it redirects to other place, then the server possibly has a redirect configured, and the redirect needs to be disable.