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How to Disable Themes and Styles

If you only want one theme and style active so that users cannot choose other styles, you need to disable any themes and styles that you are not using. Don't delete any PHPFox default ones. Just disable them.

AdminCP >> Extensions >> Manage Themes

Here you will see a list of all of the themes on your site. On the right in the Active column is a green or red button. Green means it's active and red means it is not active:


If you only want one theme and style active, just click the Green dot in the Active column to make it red for every theme that you don't want to use.

For styles, click the number in the Style column:


and that will bring you to the list of styles for this theme.

Disable each one you don't want to use by clicking the Green dot in the Active column.

Do this for every theme and style that you want to disable.

Also note that there is a free add on to hide the customize dashboard link, here if you want to hide that entire feature.