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How to Manage Currencies

To disable currencies

Perhaps your site only uses one currency and you want to disable the rest of the currencies.

Go to AdminCP >> Tools >> Currency Manager


There you will see a list of the active currencies on your site.

You will see in the middle a Default column with green and red dots.

You will see on the right an Active column with green and/or red dots.


Green means active or Default if you see it in those columns.

Red means inactive or in the case of the Default column it means it's not default.

Click the dots to change their color to red to deactivate any you don't want to use.

Click the dot to change the default one if you want to do that.

To Add a Currency

In the Tools menu instead of clicking to Manage Currency, click to Add Currency.

You will need to get the currency symbol to use.

Then fill in the form as shown:

add currency.png

Note to enter any language phrases for your language packs.

Note that if you do this after your site is established with various pricing on things, you need to go to each thing you priced and add the price for this currency.