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How to change the customize dashboard for whatever you want.


I wanted to share with you this matter, because you helped me before I will help you this time.

The first thing we have to do to change the "customize dashboard" link and text it`s to choose which "module" or addon we want; In this case, we are going to do it with the "videos" module. So...
1: Go to Extensions>>Languages>>
Product: Core
Module: Video (In this case or whatever addon or module you want)
Varname: Share videos
text: "Share your videos"

Add phrase = "Share your videos" (I`ts an example of the phrase that will be shown, don`t close this page and copy the html code you will get once you added it.

2: Go to: Extensions>>Theme>>Manage themes>> Once inside, choose from the theme to edit, the submenu called "Edit template"
Inside it pick from the "core" the one who says: "welcome.html.php"

At the beggining of this file you will find this text:

" < div class="welcome_profile_right" >
< div id = "theme" > < a href = "{u r l lin k='PLACEHERETHELINKTOYOURMODULEORADDON'}" class="no_ajax_link" > { phrase var='AND.HERE.THE.HTML.PHRASE.NAME.ADDED.' }


The bold text is the one you have to customize.

**This edits source files and will void your support if you change default. Instead, make a template override folder for your custom template and use that file for this change. /how-to-create-template-override-folders/ . Note that if you decide to edit the files in the admincp editor, your upgrades for your site won't show unless you revert the changes done there. Again the template override is the best way to do this change.

Hope to help somebody else with this matter and, thanks for your help when I needed it.