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How to Use a Custom Font

If you downloaded a custom font that you want to use on your site. First you will want to have created a custom template and style as we don't recommend editing default.

Here is a tutorial for making your own theme.

Note that you want to work in the files and not in AdminCP editor as the edits done in AdminCP are saved in the database and can cause upgrades not to show on your site.

Once you have your own theme and style and have loaded your folders to your server, you can use the custom font.

First, make a folder for your font in:


Upload your font that you downloaded into that folder. Be sure to upload the full font folder.


there download the font face kit and extract it.

Now upload from that the folder karnivore_regular_macroman to your font folder.

Now you would specify the font-family to use in your custom.css style sheet like this:

#left .block .title, #right .block .title {
    font-family: 'KarnivoreRegular';

and that would change the font for the left and right title blocks for this example.

Use this tutorial to help you learn how to find the code.

Be sure to clear your site cache after.