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Working with Poll Settings

This tutorial is written using V3.7.4 build 2 and features available for that version. If you have a version before this one, you may not have all of these features.

How to Enable More Answers or Allow Less Answers

This is a per user group setting so you will need to know how to manage user group settings .

For the user group you want to change the amount of answers, select Poll when in the user group setting manager and look for:

How many answers can members of this user group add to their polls?


Set this for how you want it for this user group and for the rest of your user groups.

When they are adding the poll, they will see the + sign to add more answers and will be able to add up to the amount you set.

add pollplus.png

There are settings you can set for your global poll settings.

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Poll


Is Image Required
If set to true, users will have to upload an image with every poll they post.

By default is set to false, so they don't need to upload an image with their polls.

Size of the poll image
When users upload an image with their polls this will be the maximum size for that picture, anything bigger will be resized

Poll Time Stamp
This is the format used to display dates, it complies with

How many to show
This setting tells how many polls should be shown per page.

How many takers to show
This setting tells how many users who have taken the poll should be shown in the poll page.

Changing this setting affects the Members Votes mini section.

Poll Meta Description you would want to set this relevant to your site.

Poll Meta Keywordsyou would want to set this relevant to your site.