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How to Allow/Disallow Users to Edit Profile

Let's say you want to control spammers as they tend to add junk to the about me


Let's say that your users are saying that they can't edit their profile as they get a subscription notice

Here is now to control this:

How Users Can Edit Profile

This is controlled by the user group settings so first, if you don't know how to set your settings per user group, go here .

Now you will need to manage each user group that you want to allow to edit their profile.

Find the Custom settings and set to Yes the setting:

Can edit own custom fields?


Be sure to Save it and Clear Cache after.

How to Make it so Users Can Not Edit Profile

One way to deter spammers is to stop them from editing the about me. To do that, follow the above instructions but for this setting, set it to no:

Can edit own custom fields?

Save and clear cache.

You would want other user groups to move users into if doing the above to deter spamming.