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Enabling Facebook Connect for V3

Since things have changed on Facebook, this new tutorial should help people set up their Facebook App on Facebook and then enable Facebook Connect and the Facebook Share options as you need a Facebook App and the settings in order for those to work too (share tutorial link)

First go here, and log in.

Click the Apps menu and select Create a New App

Fill in the Display Name which your users will see and the Namespace (this is optional) and select a category (I choose apps for pages as I'm only using this for login and fb share).

Create App.

In the screen shot you see numbered items. Copy #1 and #2 as you need the App ID and App Secret for the Facebook login settings in your AdminCP on your PHPFox site.

Click #3, Settings.

Click to Add a Platform

Choose Website

Now add your website domain


Add your App domain as

save changes

Go to your PHPFox site and go to AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Facebook

Enable Facebook Connect if you are going to use the Facebook Log in.

Enter the App ID and App Secret (Facebook secret).


Now in your app on facebook you need to make it live so click the ? Where it shows it's not live.


*be sure you have entered a contact email or it won't go live.

In your Facebook app, click the Advanced settings when in the settings:


Be sure you have enabled the Client Oauth Login

See final screen shot: