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How to Enable Sponsor in Feed

V3.7.5 and up this setting works.

First for this setting to work you need to enable multi-ads:

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Ad >> Multi-Ad Location set to True as this setting only works with that enabled.

Now each user group that you want to allow to sponsor in feed, you need to set those settings. Here is how to manage user group settings.

Look for Feed when in the user group you want to allow to sponsor in feed, and here is a screen shot of the different settings:

To explain each numbered thing there.

1. This setting allows for members of this user group to purchase a sponsored feed item.

2. This setting tells if the sponsored item will need admin approval before being shown.

3. This is the price you want to charge. (be sure you have your payment gateways set up)

4. This would be for user groups that you don't want to charge for sponsored items so it means the sponsored items will be free.

5. Save it.

Once you have this enabled, the user will go to view one of their photos and click the action menu tab and in there will be the Sponsor in Feed: