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How to fix the installation error "Unable to write to temporary folder: /tmp/"

When you are going to install the software the temporally folder called "tmp" needs to has writing permission.

If you are getting the error:
The error "unable to write to temporary folder: /root/tmp/"

The temporally folder needs to has writing permission.

There are two ways to fix this issue:

1) To change the folder permission;

In Linux setup it to be chmod 777.

More information about the chmod here:

In windows, I recommend to read this tutorial:

2) If you do not have access to the temp folder or your hosting company does not want to change the folder permission (for security reason) then just follow this tutorial:

A) Using FTP or a file manager to go your website and to create a new folder called "tmp" in

B) To give full writing permission as explained in the step #1

C) Go to your website folder and to go:

D) Search for the code:

$this->_sTempDir Phpfox::getLib('file')->getTempDir(); 

E) Replace with
$this->_sTempDir dirname(__FILE__) . '/tmp/'

F) To change the folder permission to be writable (using the tutorial in the step #1)

Video tutorials:

Step #1 (using Linux):

Step #2