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Site Tips - Common Mistakes to Avoid

We get tickets for some things frequently and they are mistakes made that can totally ruin your day.

Here are some mistakes we have seen and that you should avoid making.

1. Setting the Admin user group setting for "Can Stay Logged Into the Site" to NO. This setting, found in the user group settings for User, if set to NO, will make it so your user group (or any user group you set it for) will not be able to stay log in at all. They will log in but get kicked right back off because they cannot stay logged in.

This is setting mainly for banned users because you only want that user group not to stay logged in.

A suggestion is to have a secondary account in the Staff user group that you can use to log into admin and change user settings so you can change back the setting if you accidentally set it.

2. Deleting your main admin account when mass deleting spammers. Please be sure when you set up your site that you have a secondary admin account, . In this way, if you mess up your main admin account, you have a second one to use to fix the main one.

3. Allowing admin access to unsafe people. There are many sites that are not safe such as the ones mentioned here, . You would want to avoid those sort of sites and not give out sensitive information to anyone other than our support and trusted developers. It is best to have an admin account set up for technicians and developers so that you have your main admin and then a tech sort of admin account that you can disable site access to when people are done installing or troubleshooting stuff.

4. Leaving the dev.sett.php file active in include/setting/ folder. That file is not for live sites. Rename or delete it. Always check for that file after having any work done or anything installed on your site.

5. Not securing your site. .

6. Uploading zip files to the public_html or httpdocs or whatever public folder your server has. These can be stolen and then you blamed when they are shared on pirate sites, causing you to be banned here and third party developers to not provide products or support to you. Instead, create a folder above the root for uploading your zip files to.

7. Storing site backups on the server. This is a big, big, no-no. Do not ever store your site backup on the server. Download it and then remove it from your server.

8. Having some work done on the site or something installed without checking the full site after with the dev.sett.php debug file on (to see if there are issues). Here is the tutorial for using it , ,and it can be set to just your IP so your users will not see any errors. Remove or rename it when done.

9. Upgrading your site without checking first with third party developers for anything you are using. We recommend to have a development site (be sure it's set up as per our license agreement) and then upgrade the development site to see if there are issues with it. Always check with third party developers for updates to their products you are using.