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Short URLs & Rewrite Rules

In order to enable short URL's with phpFox you will need mod_rewrite, most servers today have support for this. To enable this feature open the file on your server:

Look for:
RewriteBase /

If you have installed phpFox2 in a sub-folder you will need to change the trailing slash with the sub-folder path. For example if you installed your site on:

You will need to change the RewriteBase to:
RewriteBase /folder/

If you installed your phpFox2 in your sites root directory (eg. ) you can leave this setting as it is.

Next lets rename the file


Once you have done that open the file

and look for
$_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] = '2';

and replace that with
$_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] = '1';

By setting this to "1" this will transform your sites URLs from:


Save and close the file. You should now have short url's enabled on your site.