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Disable Profile Design

Perhaps you don't want your users to customize their profile designs. This setting is changed per user group so you will need to change the settings for each user group.

Once in the user group you want to disable the profile designer for, please find the Profile settings and look for:

Can custom design own profile?

Set this to No.


In some versions there was a bug that still kept the menus activated. If this happens, go to AdminCP >> CMS >> Manage Menus and find:

In the Main_right list Profile and click in the Action column to Manage Children.

In this list you will see Customize Profile. Click Edit in the Action column and then uncheck the user groups you don't want to see this and save it.

Further down the menu list in the Manage Menu screen, look for and click to edit the Customize Profile menu and if it too has user groups selected that you don't want to see this, uncheck those and save it.

Clear your cache after.