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how to create a development website cloning your website and database fast and easy LINUX VERSION

In this tutorial, you will learn how to clone your live site to a development website using the clone.php file provided by phpfox.


1) To download the software in
2) In the package, you will find the folder called "tools", where there is a file called "clone.php".

3) Create a new folder for your development website, in this case it will be in /var/www/development/

3) Place this file in the web server directory, for example:

Then, open the command line using root privilegies and run scrips:

/var/www/php clone.php 

It will ask you the following question:

What is the full path to your phpFox site?

You will need to place the full path of your website, in this example it's in /var/www/3.7.7bl1

Where would you like it cloned?

The path of the development website, in this example it's

Provide a name for your cloned MySQL database? 3.7.7clone

The new database name, username and password for the development database.

What is the full URL to your cloned site?

The full path of your development website, in this case it's

4) To edit the server.sett.php localized in /var/www/development/include/setting/

In the line #33

setup the host:
$_CONF[''] = 'localhost'

And the website folder:

Line #35

$_CONF['core.folder'] = '/development/'

Done!, your website is cloned.

Video tutorial: