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How to add an Announcement

To create an Announcement that your members can view on their dashboard and within the Announcement Module you go to your AdminCP.

If you do not have an AdminCP demo feel free to view the images available here[1].

Once you are within your AdminCP go to:

Modules >> Announcement >> Add New

then you fill out the form in


this will be your announcement's title. Then fill out


this text will be shown on the dashboard. HTML is enabled, so you can emphasize, italicize and add colors (etc.) to your text. You can even add an image to the announcement. If you have filled up the "Intro" with the entire announcement you do not need to fill out the form:


If you do fill this out, your "Intro" will have a "Read More" button for your members to continue reading your announcement.

Once the actual announcement has been made, you will need to check the

Display Options

The option list looks like this:

  • *Active: Yes | No
    If you want your announcement to be active or not. When not active, it will not be shown at all.
  • *Can be closed: Yes | No
    If your members can close the announcement or not. If you want your site rules to be on the dashboard or remind your members of a global notification you might not want them to be able to close it so you are sure they read the announcement, then you simply click "No".
  • *Show in the dashboard: Yes | No
    If you want the announcement to be shown within the dashboard. If it is not shown on the dashboard it will still be visible within the Announcement Module.
  • *Show author: Yes | No
    If you want the writer of the announcement to be shown or not. If you want an announcement to be neutral you can choose not to show the author.
  • Start Date:
    The start date of the announcement, when you want your announcement to be visible for your members. This option is handy if you want to write an announcement in advance and do not want to forget to release it the actual announcement date.

Once you have made your options you can choose to

Target Viewers 

You can target the announcement viewers by

  • User Groups:
  • Location:
  • Gender:
  • Age Group Between:

The announcement can also be used to show your members indirect/direct advertisement.