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Create an Advertisement/Ad/Banner

To create your ads you go to your AdminCP, then once there you click on:

Modules >> Ad >> Create New Campaign

You will then see a form that you have to fill out(click on this link[1] to view the image that shows how the Ad Manager looks like). The form is divided in 4 titles:

1. Media

*Banner Type: Image / HTML

Within this area you select if you want to upload an ad image or if you want to submit HTML code. Adsense are in HTML code. If you choose to upload an image you will be asked for an extra option(Total Clicks)

2. Campaign Details

*Campaign Name:

This is the name of the ad campaign.

Start Date: Month / Day / Year at xx : xx AM/PM

Set the time you want the ad to start working. Note the time is set to your registered time zone.

End Date:Do not end this campaign. / End on a specific date.

You can either let the ad run without any time limit, or you could set a time limit to the minute. Note the time is set to your registered time zone.

Total Views: Unlimited / x amount of times you want the ad to be visible

Here you choose if you want the ad to be shown all the time or a certain amount of time.

Total Clicks: Unlimited / x amount of times you want the ad to be visible

This option will only be shown if you choose to upload an image. Here you can choose how many clicks the ad will get.

Active: Yes / No

You set the answer to "Yes" if you want the ad to be shown. "No" if you do not want it to be visible, in case you just want to save an ad for future use.

3. Placement

Module Placement: All Modules / x module

Here you choose if you want the ad to be visible in all modules or in a certain module, let us say you are creating/uploading a music-related ad, then it would be practical to show it within the Music Module. This way you or the advertiser on your site can target the ad viewer in an efficient way.

Block Placement: x block

Place your ad in the perfect area for your members. There are currently up 10 blocks, but you can create a new block within the AdminCP >> Extensions >> Theme. If you click on View Site Layout, you will be able to see exactly where your ad will show up on your site. Notice: The ad sizes provided is a recommendation. ** If you are using Nebula template then you cannot use the ad block positions 6, 9, 10 as those are not made to receive ads and will make a large header that blocks part of your site.

4. Audience

User Groups: All User Groups / Selected User Groups

You can either have the ad visible to all user groups or to specific user group. If you click on "Selected User Groups" then a list of your available user group will be shown. They are already filled in, but let us say that you are not interested in showing ads to your admin/staff members or your V.I.P members, then you un-click them and they will not see the ad. This option is quite handy if you have a subscribed membership on your site and do not want those who pay a little extra to view any ads.

Location: Any / x country

You can choose to let the ad be visible for everyone no matter where they are located or to a specific location/country.

Gender: Female / Male

If you want to target your ads to gender. Very practical if you want to show a make-up ad and only want it to be visible for female members

Age Group Between: Any/x and Any/x

You can target the ad to ages. If you have an ad that is more suitable for a younger generation, then you set the age group to be target to younger members from (ex.) 18-26 years old.

Once you have filled out all the required input forms and the optional areas you wanted to update then you simply click Submit and your ad is done!