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Translating Categories, Pages & Blocks

Notice: This requires phpFox v2 RC12 or higher.

When you are working with Pages or Blocks not only does it allow you to add HTML and PHP; you can also add our Template code. Using our Template code you can take advantage of the following:

{phrase var=''}

The "phrase" tag is used to get phrases from the language package being used.

Lets try to create a multilingual page. Log into your AdminCP and navigate to:

CMS >> Pages >> Add New Page

When you are creating your page you will notice:

Page Data 

This is where we add the content for the page.

Using another tab on your browser (or creating a new window) go to:

Extensions >> Language >> Add Phrase

This is where you can create a phrase for each language package you have installed. You can also edit this phrase in the future, in case you have added a new language package. Once you have successfully created a phrase, it will display several ways to output the phrase. We are going with the "HTML" version. It will look similar to:

{phrase var='ad.this_is_a_sample'}

Now go back to the page you were working on and add that code. Once you save the page and view it you will see the code we used is transformed to the phrase you added based on the language package you are using.

The same can be done for blocks and for adding categories.

When you create a category for a section, such as the video section. Instead of adding the phrase for the category add the Template code you created using the phrase manager.