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Show genres for non musicians

By default the genres custom field is only enabled for musicians. The Musicians user group is nearly an add-on so it has its restrictions.

Some administrators may decide to allow non musicians to upload music so it makes sense to have genres in a user's profile.

The way we will describe here is not a perfect fix but serves the purpose.

1. Go to the AdminCP -> Extensions -> Theme -> Manage Theme

2. Click on the arrow and Edit Templates

3. look for the Music module and the genre.html.php block

4. Replace the text with this one:

{for $i = 1; $i <= $iGenerCount; $i++}
<div class="{if PHPFOX_IS_AJAX && !$bIsGlobalEdit}info{else}table{/if} js_custom_group_{$iCustomGroupId}">
	<div class="{if PHPFOX_IS_AJAX && !$bIsGlobalEdit}info{else}table{/if}_left">
		{phrase var='music.genre_total' total=$i}:
	<div class="{if PHPFOX_IS_AJAX && !$bIsGlobalEdit}info{else}table{/if}_right">
		<select name="custom[music_genre][{$i}]">
			<option value="">{phrase var='music.none'}</option>
		{foreach from=$aGenres item=aGenre}
			<option value="{$aGenre.genre_id}"{if isset($aUserGenres[$i]) && $aUserGenres[$i].genre_id == $aGenre.genre_id} selected="selected"{/if}>{$|convert|clean}</option>

This will show the Genres in every tab of the Edit Profile section. We do have plans for including a full fix but meanwhile this will hopefully help.