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Protecting Your Install/Upgrade Folder

You will notice when you visit your AdminCP we guide you to remove the folder "install/". You could also deny others from visiting this folder at anytime. This helps keep this folder secure when you are performing an upgrade and to make sure nobody else restarts the routine you have just completed creating duplicate content. In order to do this you need to create the following file in the "install/" folder:


In that file add the following:

deny from all

Now lets test if its actually working. This can be done by visiting the install/upgrade routine by going to:

If you see a "access denied" or a "403" error page then it has worked. Now we want to give you the rights to visit this page. First, we will need to find out our own IP. This can be found from sites like:

Copy the set of numbers you see and paste the following to the end of your .htaccess file so it looks like this:

deny from all
allow from

Notice where we have "". That is where you need to add your IP.